Plastic Industry today is growing at a breathtaking rate. Our mentor Mr. Daniel Fernandes, equipped with vast experiences in Plastics and with a careful study of the future demand for Plastic Poultry Equipment established Francis Engineering Works in 1998

Parent Feeder (Male and Female)

Chick Feeding Tray

Chick Feeder 1001 and Feeder 2001

Hose Shutt Off

Nose Clip

Poultry Bucket

Cage Matting

Poultry Tub

Poultry Scoop

Poultry Mug

Chick Transport Tray

Regular & Large Automatic Drinkers

Hatching Egg Transport Crate (HETC)

Egg Filler 202 and 303

Chick Drinkers (Manual)

Grower Drinkers