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Regular Automatic Drinkers

Bell Diameter: 340 mm
Trough height: 35 mm
No. of Birds: 125 Chicks & 100 Broilers/Layers
Water Level in Trough: 10-25 mm

Large Automatic Drinkers

Bell Diameter: 340 mm
Trough height: 50 mm
No. of Birds: 80 Broilers / 50 Breeders
Water Level in Trough: 20-35 mm

Bell shape - Designed as per International specifications - accepted universally.
Material – Virgin grade plastic polyethylene

Drinkers are designed and made out of a rugged high-impact grade of plastic specially formulated to withstand the ravages of the active broiler house for years. . Automatic Chicken drinkers are available in various sizes.

An average size adult chicken will need to drink up to 500 ml (1/2 litre) of water everyday depending on the temperature. Water should be constantly available whilst the chickens are active during the day. Chicken drinkers are designed to be large enough that the hens can‘t knock it over. Once they go in to roost chickens don‘t need access to a drinker.

Automatic Drinkers can be brought in use for birds ageing from day one to an fully grown –up hen which weighs around 1.5 kgs, the inimitably designed down spout allows the birds to consume water easily, The volume of water flow depending on the number of birds, size and climatic conditions can be controlled simply by rotating the water level knob.

The core assembly unit has an inbuilt Height adjustor that manages to keep the equipment suspended above ground at desired levels and the unique inbuilt valve prevents water from overflowing which is strongly supported by the ballast that’s comes as a part of the assembly unit, which reduces pendulum and or oscillating movement you only need to make sure that the ballast is filled with water. This simple yet distinctive design helps in maintaining hygiene and a clean dry area at your farm

The large automatic drinker with more trench space makes it the most favourite with both the breeders and commercial Boilers.

Hanging automatic Chicken Drinkers are connected to a low pressure supply such as a water butt or header tank